Women’s Hostel and a rambling thought process

I clicked on a video- a movie “from back home” and ended up watching the entire movie because I wanted to find out what happens to the protagonist, a girl.

So, the video is where a young girl is searching for an apartment (she is supposed to work in IT) and she checks out a house wherein the landlord/a middle-aged man not only refuses to let out the apartment to her but also adds, “But aren’t there enough women’s hostels out there for girls like you? Why ever do you need to rent out an apartment alone?”

I expected the girl to just be sad or cry or just not to say anything. But she looks at him straight in the face and says “I’m allergic to women’s hostels” and walks away.

Screenshot 2017-06-04 20.15.13

The fact that women (-working women-) invariably end up in women’s hostels tells us that our cities and the society are built for men. Women are supposed to stay at home under the protection of the family (of course, the male members) and that she belongs to a gender ill-equipped to handle life alone without men and cannot protect herself from the evils of the world. She also ends up giving up to temptations like, oh no ‘lust’! She needs men and older wiser women to help her keep her legs closed and vaginas locked up.

And then times changed. And here we are, talking about gender equality and women’s liberation. Actually, its getting a bit stale, this whole thing with gender equality, isn’t it?But then why are women who move to cities for work still living in hostels? Makes you wonder.

I personally HATE hostels. I have been through them. And I’m never setting foot in another one. I have experienced the insane curfews. I have heard about worse ones (where a member of the family has to sign a letter so that the girl/woman can stay out after 8pm). I have seen how the matron looks at you when wear just a hint of make up when you go out. It is obvious what goes on in their minds, isn’t it?

As a woman, there is NO necessity to walk out of your family home. Even if you do, it is ‘enough’ to get a basic degree and get married to a random man your family finds for you. So there is absolutely NO necessity to get a job let alone a career (as P says ‘jobs for women and careers for men’).

Are you a woman with job/career and do you want to rent an apartment = slut! Period.

You can work hard! Go to University! Get a degree! Work even harder! Get a great job! Have a career! Maybe make lots of money! Own your life, professional and personal. Be responsible and or squander all the money! And you still don’t want to be a slut/whore?But then there is a way to redeem yourself!

Despite achieving all of the above said, you need to go back home and marry the above-mentioned random man (your parents find for you). Listen to him. Keep feeding to his ego. Voila!  There it is! A simple solution.

You are welcome.




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